As the birthplace of Dallas County and the heart of the Metroplex, there is not a single farm in the 12 square miles that make up Farmers Branch. Sure Farmers Branch was the first settlement in Dallas County. It opened the first church, the first school and established the first permanent cemetery. But it is location, location, location that makes Farmers Branch what it is today.

Located just on Dallas’ northern border, three major highways surround the town conveniently linking the Branch’s residence to everything in the Metroplex. Additionally, being just fifteen minutes from four major airports, DFW, Love Field, Alliance and Addison, one might consider Farmers Branch the center of the world. Regardless, it truly is a small hometown with all the big-city conveniences.

The average sales price for a home in Farmers Branch is $157,000, but some homes sell for over $1 million.
Farmers Branch is home to hundreds of companies and 18 Fortune 500 firms call Farmers Branch home. As a result, it has a residential population of just 27,508 (Census 2000) and an estimated daytime population of 90,000.

Two independent school districts serve the City of Farmers Branch. The majority of Farmers Branch school age residents attend schools within the Carrollton/Farmers Branch ISD. The Dallas ISD serves a small portion of Farmers Branch.

Its central location also put Farmers Branch within thirty minutes of the following collages and universities:

Thomas Keenan and his wife Sarah settled Farmers Branch in 1842. The area was called Mustang, as part of Peter’s Colony but later changed to Farmers Branch due to the rich soil and flourishing crops.

Farmers Branch was widely advertised both in the East and in Europe. During the years 1845-1850 it was the best known of all of the Texas settlements. The settlers were for the most part fairly well educated.

A blacksmith shop and gristmill started in 1845 by the Rev. William Bowles, a Baptist Minister. The same year Isaac Webb, donated land for Webb’s Chapel Methodist Church, which also served as the first school in the county. Mr. Webb also served as the first postmaster when the Farmers Branch Post Office was established in 1848. Other early settlers include Dr. Samuel Gilbert and his wife Julia. The couple lived with Isaac Webb until their home was completed in a grove of stately post oak trees. The Gilbert House consists of two-foot-thick limestone walls and chestnut plank floors. The Gilbert House, located in the Farmers Branch Historical Park is the oldest rock structure in Dallas County that is still on its original foundation.

In 1874, to assure that railroads would come to Farmers Branch, Dr. Gilbert and other local settlers sold right-of-way through their land. Around 1877, the Dallas and Wichita Railroad built a depot. This original depot has been restored and relocated to the Farmers Branch Historical Park.

The City was incorporated in 1946 with an election on February 23rd. The population was 800 that year and has grown to over 24,000 today.

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