Uptown is one of the neighborhoods that gives Dallas its metropolitan feel and, as such, has earned a reputation as one of the more trendy areas of town. Located just north of downtown and east of Oaklawn, Uptown is a popular place for young professionals to both live and play. The neighborhood feel is heightened by the ability to get nearly anything you need within the area…boutiques, shopping, workout facilities, grocery stores, and trendy restaurants, clubs, and bars are all within minutes away and often within walking distance. The McKinney Avenue Trolley and West Village shopping add to the character of Uptown.

There are a number of high-rises, town homes, and apartments that cover the area. The State Thomas and West Village areas combine city living with street level retail to give residents a true urban living experience. This city style living comes at a cost, though, and makes Uptown one of the most expensive areas in Dallas to rent or buy. Most of the development in the area is relatively new, having been built within the past 10 to 20 years, and new developments are popping up every day. Make no mistake, real estate prices in Uptown are only headed up.