BEE Sure. Contact the B’s for a no-obligation, no-hassle review and pricing strategy for your home.

Most home sellers need outside, third-party advice to answer two questions:

  1. Is your house ready to sell?
  2. How much will your house really sell for?

You can hire the B’s to help you through the sales process or you can sell your home yourself. Both selling approaches have their pros and cons. With either option, there is so much more involved in selling your home than just putting a sign in the yard and getting it listed on MLS.

All real estate commissions in Texas are negotiable. However, a common commission for a full service real estate broker listing a property in the Dallas area is 6%. Generally, half or 3% goes to the Selling Broker and 3% goes to the Listing Broker. The Selling and Listing agents generally must share their commissions with their Brokers. Typically, homeowners that sell their homes themselves pay the Selling Broker’s commission so the maximum savings most FSBOs realize only 3% of the sales price BEFORE expenses.

The B’s are experienced, high volume agents.  They generally work for a commission based on the property’s Sales Price.  However, if you compare the B’s inclusive services to the cost of a limited-service FSBO broker’s cost, you may find the B’s provide a much more cost effective way the sale your home:

  • Initial and Ongoing Pricing Strategy
  • Professional Staging Assistance
  • Professional Photography
  • Professional Virtual Tour
  • Professional Video Tour
  • Complete MLS Forms and Put Listing on MLS
  • For Sales Sign with Graphic Tube
  • Electronic Key Box with Entrance Tracking Security
  • Featured Listing Status on and 20 Other Public Web Sites
  • Featured Listing Status on Two premier Local Web Sites
  • Color Brochures
  • “Just Listed” Mailers
  • Two Agent-Only Open Houses with 1,000 Agents Invited
  • Email Top Agents that Sell in Your Neighborhood
  • Email Potential Buyers about Your Home
  • Notify Global Relocation Services about Your Home
  • Hold Your Home Open to the Public on an Ongoing Basis
  • Advertise Public Open House in Dallas News and Other Publications
  • Scheduling Showing Appointments and Online Feed Back from Showings
  • Qualifying Potential Buyers
  • Negotiating Offers and Response Strategy
  • Finalize Agreement That Provides Best Terms Possible
  • Navigate “Option Period” Renegotiations

The websites used by the B’s are not even made available to “discount brokers,” which means that those FSBO brokers are limited to minor sites like and They can get you on MLS, but they can’t give you the broad exposure needed on major public web sites.

It is also very helpful that the B’s know the other agents in the community. They will have worked with the buyer’s agents and know how that agent works and negotiates. The B’s are also well know in the industry for integrity and the ability to “get the deal done.” As it is in life, it’s not always what you know, but whom you know that makes the difference.