Once you have determined that now is the time to sell your home, what steps should you take to prepare to “go on the market”? Here are 5 simple steps that the B’s recommend to get your home ready to sell.

Curb appeal

Make sure that what a buyer sees when they first arrive at the outside of the home makes them want to see the inside. Simple tasks such as refreshing mulch and trimming back trees and bushes can make a huge difference.

Uncluttering & Neutralizing

Clutter is not only your everyday belongings, but also decorations and decorating tastes. The stamp collection that you are proud of, and have decorated an entire den with, can be viewed as clutter, and detract from the architectural designs and fine features of your home. Any strong decorating elements stop buyers so that they notice only the decorating, and not the home. Creating a neutral environment that accommodates virtually everyone’s furnishings taste provides a firm foundation for getting the best offer in the shortest amount of time.


The uncomfortable feeling of an unclean house – whether a kitchen sink filled with dirty dishes or a bathroom shower with soap scum and mildew – causes apprehension and turns the buyers’ interest away. Take the time to give your home a thorough professional cleaning before going on the market, and then have a regular schedule for keeping the home clean while you are actively on the market.


A house cannot sell for top dollar if any detail, large or small, is in less than perfect shape. Neglect repairs and you position your house as a “fixer upper,” which decreases both the number of potential buyers and the price they will be willing to pay. When a home is in need of repairs, buyers feel justified in making lower offers, since they will likely calculate the “worst-case” scenario for the cost of the repairs. Making repairs, whether small (a leaky faucet) or large (replacing damaged shingles), again positions you to get the best offer in the shortest amount of time.

Making the “House” a “Home”

Staging is more than simply removing clutter and cleaning up the house. Staging makes the potential buyer comfortable in the “home” and makes them want to come back and live. Remember that buyers are looking for a house that will meet their needs both physically and psychologically. They want to feel comfortable, to enjoy a place of beauty, a haven from the business of daily living, and somewhere they can be proud to entertain family and friends. Staging can cost very little compared to the results it gets. Staging can simply be reorganizing the existing furniture in a room, creating a focal point in each room with furniture or flowers, or it can be much more involved. The B’s will help you decide what level is best for you